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invasion of the plot bunnies

For someone who spent decades trying to figure out what she wanted to write--seriously, people--I am suddenly deluged with more book ideas than I can count.

Usually they're a lot like this:

 (courtesy of lolcats)
When one of this plot bunnies hops into my mind, I scribble down the gist so that when I finish with Current Project, I can see if this one is the Next Project.

However, this week marked the arrival of--


You guessed it: The Killer Plot Bunny.

The plot bunny that says You Must Write This Right Now. Do not wait, do not mull. There is only write.

I'm going not going to post much for a while. I need to stay in this place and scribble and explore and dig until it is done.

The only thing I'm going to say about it is, here's where it all began:

Wish me luck.

I'll be back.

Tags: 4 yorkshiremen, creativity, monty python, writing
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