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Taking an LGBT Reading Challenge in 2011

Brighton Blogger has posted an LGBT Reading for 2011. All the details are here: http://bookafterbook.blogspot.com/2010/12/lgbt-reading-challenge-2011.html

Count me in!

I'm taking this challenge! I can get behind any challenge that lets me set my own goals and asks for reviews. I'm also all for a reading challenge that has as its goal "creating a more accepting world--one book at a time." And yes, I'm also taking up this challenge because my own current wip falls into this category, and I want to keep up with books in this area.

If you'd like to join me in taking up Brighton Blogger's challenge, but don't quite now where to start, I'm going to offer some relevant titles from this year's Green Mountain Book Awards list. These aren't all brand new titles, but they have appeared in the last five or six years.

My Most Excellent Year - Steve Kluger. Three teens in Boston experience of year of friendship, confusion, and coming into their own. Richly satisfying.

Hero - Perry Moore. As hard as it is to admit to your has-been superhero father that you, too, are a superhero, it's even harder to tell him you're gay. But that's what Thom Creed must do, as he finally finds himself at home among other misfits.

Freak Show - James St. James. Teen drag queen Billy Bloom didn't ask to be sent south to live with his grandfather in Florida, where he has to go to a conservative public school. In the face of teasing, bullying, and harassment, Bloom decides to go all out and run for homecoming queen. Under its over-the-topness, this book has a huge heart.

Skim - Mariko Tamaki and Jillian Tamaki. LGBT issues are a sub-theme in this graphic novel about grief and depression and not fitting in at an all-girl school.

My term on the Green Mountain Book Award Committee ends in May, which is another reason for me to participate in this reading challenge. It will keep me connected with what's being written in an area that interests me intensely.

Won't you join me and Brighton Blogger in this reading challenge?
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