December 31st, 2015

hooded me

Here's to 2015! The Ta-Da List

(The Ta-Da list is a concept I first read about on Bethany Hegedus's Facebook page.)


  • Three novels revised, two of them at a very good place

  • A new wip in progress

Conferences & meetings

  • SCBWI New York

  • SCBWI New England

  • Organized bi-monthly Meet & Greets in Essex Center, Vermont

  • Quarterly socials began in Montpelier, Vermont

  • Presented at the fall League of Vermont Writers program

  • Picked up at gig as a Scholar for the Vermont Humanities Council


  • Eddie Izzard at Foxwood

  • June vacation in Quebec City with mah sweetie

  • August vacation in NYC with mah sweetie and my daughter

  • Something Rotten on Broadway

  • Sabbatical from teaching for the fall semester that made all the writing possible

  • Attending the first screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens with mah sweetie, who went to the very first screening of Star Wars back in 1977, and was one of the first people in line

  • One of the best Christmases ever with three generations of my family

I am so grateful to the friends and family who made this all possible.

Here's to an even better 2016.