Katherine Quimby (wordsrmylife) wrote,
Katherine Quimby

777 Challenge Accepted

I've been tagged by Jenn Bishop in the 777 Challenge. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to do the same: Post the first full seven lines of the seventh page of your work in progress, starting seven lines down.

My work-in-progress is a contemporary YA currently called More Than a Stage, the story of Broadway-babe wannabe Heidi's summer of drama on and off the stage, as she wrestles with a long-distance girlfriend, a crush on one of her fellow members of the company, and the chance that she just might have caught her big break.

"Steven may be in a meeting or on the phone with a potential donor. Even if he isn’t, when the door is closed, we do not interrupt him. Is that clear?”
What is this, Beauty and the Beast?
Like Belle, (even though I’m totally wrong for the part), I nod.
Gina waves the pink message pad. “Have you used these before?”
“I spent the last three summers working in my mother’s office,” I remind her. “Maybe I forgot to mention it in my interview?”
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