Katherine Quimby (wordsrmylife) wrote,
Katherine Quimby

All—the Cover—Shall Be Revealed

Sometimes you meet someone you share an interest with and you both work hard and you both have goals and you cheer each other on and everything is better when you cheer each other on.

This particular someone is Pat Esden

I’ve known Pat both in person and on-line for longer than either of us cares to think about. It seems like not that long ago, I was cheering for Pat when she landed her agent. And sold her book, a new adult novel paranormal:
A Hold on Me.

 –Even more exciting: It’s Dark Heart Novel #1.

And now, it is my great pleasure to share the joy of her cover reveal:

Doesn’t that cover make you want to know what she is brooding over? Or rather who? Who is her mystery man?

Of course it does!

Follow Pat on Facebook and Twitter @patesden and you’ll find out more as the date (March 2016) approaches. You can also read her blog at patesden.com. (Hint--she reviews new paranormal romances regularly.)
Tags: books, patesden

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